Hear The Prayers Scorn

from by Somrak




These cries - from hearts unheard in silence starved and depraved
A chasm filled with prayers mournful from Him shall not be spared

Verily to the light of the body – a poisoned eye across the sky
Prayers spoken in chaos amok in search for salvation
Voices carried loud and far into nothing

Soul of man now mutilating the self – the fleshlike temple of whole
With depthless wounds of burning pain and with fear adorned
All remnant hopes and worship false now as limbs hanging in chains
From the opened throats of man the blood of divine appears
A thousand times

Soon the utmost denial shall be the light that blinds the eyes
Through the dark the visions come as the shadows from Her garment beneath

Satan will be the Lord and the Lord of the ungiven life

In this fire burning black
Amongst the ashes the tomb of god lies
Where the flames forever are spreading
Hear the prayers scorn…


from The Blackwinged Serpent Crowned, released October 20, 2012



all rights reserved