Morbid King – a blackwinged serpent rising
Presence of where all above and below
Be naught a child of chaos
From the ancient ones
Or ascender towards the most high of the thrones

With slain cherubim and the tree in flames eternal
Set ablaze by the arch amongst the bastard gods
A scaled Adonai to the Antichrist
Devouring the Beast and the Prophet false
They who lead the lambs from light to Darkness
With bless of blind bestowed upon this sight
Casted down like salt upon these wounds
By His presence of all to man named evil

And all the living shall adore Her
Oh these withered eyes will lo and behold Death

Now paths of sun around the last hope to man weakened
And nail-scarred hands rising to the skies
When the first will bring the sword to laws and lawless
Called by Its name…

Through the blood
Through the flesh
Through the soul

Within the man now presence utmost gruesome of…


from The Blackwinged Serpent Crowned, released October 20, 2012



all rights reserved