Apotheosis And Undivine

from by Somrak




Holy so now - and enthroned above life
A name in tongues spoken aloud
All divine now in brimstone burned
The utmost presence of Satan is in all
For They as Lord devour the all-being
All that is and was and until the end will be

Let the Lord speak to those who hold the challice
Let the Lord curse those who drink holy blood
Let the Lord touch the unanointed sons
Let the Lord pierce through the ribs of man

The thorns of halo – a shining morbid crown
The final judge speak upon man
Speak upon man the curse from above
And set the fires from beneath

Where man shall remain
And Death shall be all around
And in immensus of Uncreation
Her hands remain upon the eyes of man

The Blackwinged Serpent Crowned now reigns
And through man has entered Its sceptre with blades of twelve

Satan – accepted in all forms
Praise Him for the black light burning flesh of life

Satan – accepted in all forms
Praise Her for decieving soul and mind astray

Satan – accepted in all forms
Praise It for the fires not burning in vain – but vain of man!


from The Blackwinged Serpent Crowned, released October 20, 2012



all rights reserved